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Such a charmer! You will feel like you have stepped back to another time when life was simpler when you visit Eileen’s Cottage on the Siletz Bay.

For families young and old the value is intrinsic. With plenty of room for all. The youngsters can build sandcastles right in the back yard on the beach of the bay where waves are not something to worry about. Depending on the tides you can swim, wade, watch the seals and see the sun set over the ocean all from your own private beach. If the fog rolls in, cozy up in the warm sunroom or watch a video in the family room while the grown ups visit. At night, camp fires are permitted so bring the marshmallows! With classic beach interior and décor and an absolute classic cottage style landscape you will want to return again and again. Stroll down the authentic neighborhood sidewalk to a fantastic variety of award winning restaurants, fish shop and coffee houses. Only minutes to the ocean beach.

Floor Plan and Bedding: 3 stairs up to entry door. On this level you have 1 bedroom w/ queen + 1 twin, kitchen, dining, living, family room w/ 2 futons, full bath, sun room with door that leads to beach path. From family room go up 12 stairs to 1 great loft room w/ 1 king and 2 twins, full bath, and laundry.

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